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Charsheet Twillight. Written Form. (english & german)

Charsheet: TWILLIGHT Written Form

Eine ungefähre Richtlinie für Form und Größe, sowie eine Charakterbeschreibung.

This is an approximate guideline for the shape and size, and a character description.


Twillight ist eiun Gen-Experiment/Twilight is an genetic Experiment

Von meinem Char und Fursona existieren mehrere Formen.

>My Character and Fursona has several different forms.

Hier zunächst die normal Standardform:

>First, hir standard shape:


Höhe/Height: 1,85m/72,8inch
Taille/Waist: 30cm/15,7inch
Breastsize/Brustgrösse(Chest-Size): 130G/XXXXXL (BH-Grösse/BH-Size (Bra-Size))
Penisgröße/Penis size: 16cm/7,8inch X 3cm/1,1inch

Schweiflänge/Tail lenght: ca.1m/39,3inch

Fellzeichnung/Coat Pattern:

Er hat die Skunktypische Fellzeichnung in Schwarz/Weiß.

He has the typical skunk coat patterns in black / white.

[Haupt (Kopf) Haar/Main (head) Hair: Weiß/White.]
>Kopfhaar/Headfur: Weiß/white.

Kann aber auch schon mal gefärbt sein.

>Occasionally he dyes his hair.

Hyper/Macro/Ssbbw(m) Form:

Alle Größen sind nach oben hin offen.

>All sizes and heights are unlimited.


Von Grund auf freundlich, liebenswert, gut herzig, yiffig, romantisch, nachdenklich, lacht aber auch gern.
Gothik-Lifestyle. Gewalt ist ihm zu wider, aber er kann sich verteidigen wenn es sein muss. Das ist dann meist das Ende des Gegners. Deshalb läßt er sich nicht leicht reizen oder provozieren, sondern geht Streit so gut wie möglich aus dem Weg. Ausgebildet in vielen Kampftechniken.
Die angeborene Skunkwaffe, sein Sekret, kann er beeinflussen: Giftig (tödlich), Ätzend, Betäubend, aber auch aphrodisierent/verführerisch (er kann genau damit zielen). Twillight ist ein Gen-Experiment und hat selbst noch nicht all seine Fähigkeiten kennen gelernt. Zum Beispiel kann Twillight auch seine Größe verändern. Twillights Brüste haben ständig Milch die, bei dem der sie trinkt, ja nach dem ob es Twillight will, Drogen ähnliche Wirkung haben kann.

Basically friendly, lovable, good-hearted; yiffy, romantic, thoughtful, and likes to laugh.
He has a gothic lifestyle; he absolutely despises violence, but is able to defend himself if the need arises. Which usually puts an end to his opponent... Because of this he is not easy to enrage or provoke, but tends to avoid arguments.
He is well-versed in many fighting techniques.
He can manipulate his species' natural weapon: the secretion can either be a deadly poison, acidic, sedating, or even an aphrodisiating pheromone; and he can aim it very well.Twillight is a genetic experiment and did not even know all his skills learned. For example Twillight can also change his Body-Size. Twillights breasts have constantly milk. Those in the drinking of it, yes on whether it wants to Twillight, drugs may have similar effects.

Er hat einen sehr offenen wachen Geist. Immer gut für neues.

He has an open and active mind, always looking for something new.

Sexuelle Orientation/Sexual Orientation:
Pan-Sexual. (Genaue Details auf Anfrage)/(Exact details on request)

Er mag eine riesige Menge an sexuellen Spielarten. Ist sehr experimentierfreudig. Immer offen für neues.

He likes a huge amount of sexual variations, likes to experiment and gain new experiences.

Info about my Nickname

For your better Understanding.

Here on DA is my Nickname "ASKABANIUM".
In alll the other Galeries and Forums (excerpt YT) is my Nick: "TWILLIGHT!"

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ASKABANIUM's Profile Picture
Twi Llight
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
*g*I'm the One before me my Parents have always warned!*g*


You can hate me, you can love me. But i'm what i am!! A Pan-Sexuel Furrie and Gothic!

My Fursona and Mainchar is a Hermaphrodite (Herm) - Skunk with an pan-sexual or omnisexual Orientation.
I am in real life biologically a man with a pan-sexual or omnisexual orientation . But I feel emotionally as a Hermaphrodite. This is why my fursona a feminine Anthro-Skunk-Hermaphrodite.
Who i am? A Secret? An Alien? I don't know.
An biological Experiment with a big Heard and sensitive Senses.
And a big couple of Non-Logical Feelings.
Do you have Questions? Ask me and i tell you.
I love Furrys and Stuff like that.
I'm Gothic, Furry and more.

I don't like Furrie-Haters (Leave us Furries allone, go away), Pedophile, Necrophile.

At the Age of 14 i draw some Pictures. Aquarell and Black Ink on Drawing Paper. I have my own Style. What is this Style? NAIV? Or what? I don't know. It was a Phase, a feelling of----- I'm not Van Gogh, I'm not Da Vinci. Without any Talent i drawing my Feelings on Paper. The Motives are an Mix from Sci Fi, Fantasy and my own Imagination. Now i want to take this online. I wait for your Coments. Hate it or Love it?

At this Time i made more Photos and Photomanipulations.

Otherwise, I am: amiable, nice, cool, and ----- oh man: self-praise sucks!! But I think that you can get along well with me. I like honest, but not insulting criticism, punctuality, loyalty, intelligence. If my computer not work I would want the stinky, but that subsided quickly again. Applies not to all working technical matters. Benefit anyway nothing. Politically, I'm probably more left to settle from the center. I don't like: Nazis, pedophiles, racists, manager. But i don't hate or discriminate it. Companies sit on the sand, or charge more money as compensation for being sacked or made redundant unscrupulous people without which it is really necessary. But otherwise I'm loving. And i'm Goth.

EUROFURENCE 20 All System are--------

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 18, 2014, 7:46 AM

---clear. ;) :)

The Skunk is ready to rumble.

Only one  Day and than Take off for Destination!!!  ;) :)

The first EF with my Fursuit!!

A new , bigger Hotel.

And the 20th Anniversary.

Don't dream it, be it!!!

  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: good Music^^
  • Reading: The Mists of Avalon, and so on.
  • Watching: Big Bang Theorie, Star Trek, ans so on.
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: many good Things^^
  • Drinking: many good Things


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